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25 Fun Things to Do With Your Kids During the Winter

Ideas for Having Fun Together During the Winter Months


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  1. Make hot cocoa.

  2. Go sledding together.

  3. Make paper snowflakes.*

  4. Go bowling.

  5. Make sun catchers.

  6. Make a graph showing each day's hi and low temperatures.

  7. Make ice cream using snow.

  8. Go roller skating.

  9. Have a snowball fight.

  10. Play your favorite board games.

  11. Make a pine cone bird feeder.*

  12. Measure the snowfall.

  13. Go ice skating together.

  14. Make snow angels and watch the snow fall together.

  15. Buy a kid-sized shovel and shovel the driveway or sidewalk together.

  16. Visit your local library and check out books on winter themes.

  17. Draw and color a mural showing a winter scene.

  18. Build a snow fort together.

  19. Take a knitting class at your local craft store and make hats for each other.

  20. Fill a spray bottle with colored water and write in the snow.*

  21. Use sheets or boxes to build a fort inside your house.

  22. Bundle up and take a walk during a snowstorm.

  23. Make a snowman sun catcher.

  24. Collect old winter coats from family members and friends. Then donate them to a local charity.

  25. Use the back side of some leftover wrapping paper to draw and color life-sized pictures of one another.
Note: "*" indicates an idea shared by CollMomOf2 in the About Single Parents' Forum.

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