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Answers to Frequently Asked Legal Questions

As a single parent trying to navigate the legal system, you're not alone. These frequently asked questions have been submitted by our readers. (To ask a family law question, read Are Legal Questions Keeping You Up at Night?)

Should I name the father on the birth certificate?
Learn the implications of including the father on the birth certificate, so that you can make this important decision with confidence. Includes other frequently asked questions about single moms, fathers, and birth certificates.

Understand What Legal Custody Means
Having trouble figuring out exactly what "legal custody" means? Find out with these Frequently Asked Questions from our readers.

Answers to Your Summer Parenting Questions
Whens should the summer parenting schedule should begin, and should the non-custodial parent continue to pay child support when the kids are with him for extended visits? Get answers to these questions and more.

"How Can I Obtain Copies of My Child's School Records?"
Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), parents have the right to access their children's school records. Find out how non-custodial parents can access school records, and learn your rights under the law.

"When Can We Start Overnight Visits?"
Infant overnight visitations can be beneficial for both mom and dad, but they aren't ideal for every single parent family. In fact, many states won't allow overnight visitations at all until a child reaches the age of 3. Before deciding what's best for you, apply these tips for discussing the topic of infant overnight visitations with your co-parent.

"Can I Move Out of State?"
Can a custodial parent move out of state without the consent of the other parent? Find out how certain relocation laws can affect your decision, and what precautions you need to take to protect yourself and your children before considering a move out of state.

Is Visitation Refusal Ever Acceptable?
Worried about your kids' safety during visits with your ex? Learn how to address your concerns without taking a chance that you'll be held in contempt of court.

What is Supervised Visitation?
Get the facts about supervised visitation, from where it takes place to who supervises and more.

Child Custody & Substance Abuse
Worried about your ex's drug and/or alcohol use? Learn what to do about your concerns and how to protect your children.

How to Appeal a Child Custody Ruling
Not pleased with the judge's ruling? Learn how to appeal a child custody order -- including when you can, when you can't, and what to expect.

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