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Thrifty Thursday Blog Posts

Tips for Saving More and Spending Less


Each week, Guides across the About.com Parenting Channel participate in "Thrifty Thursday," which is a series of blog posts written on the theme of saving money. Here, you'll find all of the Thrifty Thursday blog posts written specifically for Single Parents:

9/16: Get Free Flu Shots This Season

Find out where to get a free flu shot this year.

8/26: Scholarships for Single Parents

Are you thinking about going back to school in the next year?  Check out these scholarship programs for single parents.

8/5: 25 Free and Low-Cost Visitation Ideas

Looking for something different to do?  Try one of these cost-saving ideas.

7/22: Take Advantage of a Tax Free Weekend Event

Find out whether a tax free weekend is planned this summer for a state near where you live.  The savings may be well worth the drive!

7/8: Free Identification Stickers for Children's Car Seats

Find out how to get a free ID sticker for your child's car seat, or how to make your own.  This is especially important for single moms and dads who share car seats with their ex's, or who have babysitters that frequently drive their young child to and from day care or school.

7/1: Save Money on Vacation at a Single Parent Family Camp

Find a single parent family camp near you, where you can enjoy a peaceful, relaxing vacation that not only suits your budget, but also provides plenty of fun and engaging activities for the kids.

6/24: Plan a Summer "Staycation"

Save money this summer by planning a luxury vacation right in your own home!

6/17: Free Father's Day Desserts for Dads

Find out where to go this weekend to get a free dessert in honor of Father's Day.

6/10: 3 Reasons to Buy Your Own Clothes at Thrift Stores

Thrift stores aren't just for buying children's clothing.  They have some great adult items, as well.

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