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Find a Food Bank or Food Pantry in Your Area

Get Assistance With Basic Food Needs


A food pantry or food bank exists to help low-income families get by.  They provide free and reduced-priced food items for families who may not qualify for other government assistance programs. If you find yourself in need of assistance, know that you are not alone. Many single parent families bring in enough money to pay for fixed expenses like shelter and transportation, but run out of money for food and other essentials before the end of the month. To find a local food bank or food pantry in your area, use the following resourses:

Second Harvest

Portrait of volunteers at a food bank in New Jersey..
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Second Harvest is the largest network of food banks in the United States, and they provide emergency assistance to more than 25 million Americans each year. Visit their site to find a Second Harvest food bank in your area.


PantryNet.org offers a listing of local food pantries around the nation. Visit their site to look for a food pantry in your area.


2-1-1 is a service provided through the United Way that connects individuals and families with service organizations and assistance programs right in your immediate area. Dial 2-1-1 on your telephone to find out whether the service is active in your area at this time. Operators will then direct you to a local food pantry or food bank in your area.

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