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Money Management Basics for Single Parents


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Step 9: Continue Learning Money Management Basics
Now that you're beginning to get a handle on your financial health, you need to continue to learn about money management basics. Fortunately, there are hundreds of financial experts you can turn to for free help. Here is a list of financial experts I personally recommend. Read their blogs, sign up for their weekly newsletters, and continue to grow the grasp you have on your personal finances.
  • Dave Ramsey is a financial expert and the author of many books on personal finance. His resources are geared toward helping individuals and families get out of debt and learn to manage money responsibly.

  • Clark Howard focuses on helping readers save more and spend less.

  • Erin Huffstetler is About.com's Guide to Frugal Living. On her site, you'll find expert tips for cutting back expenses and saving as much money as you can each month.

  • Miriam Caldwell, About.com's Guide to Money in Your 20s, writes about how to understand and begin to manage your personal wealth. While geared toward young adults, Caldwell's content provides an excellent overview of the personal financial management skills every adult needs to succeed.

  • Joshua Kennon, About.com's Guide to Investing for Beginners, provides information specific to those who are just getting started when it comes to saving and investing money.

  • Jeremy Vohwinkle, About.com's Guide to Financial Planning, provides practical insight to help readers plan ahead for emergencies and long-range goals.

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