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Child Support Help for Single Parents


Child support allows children of single parents to receive financial support from both parents, whether they reside with one parent full-time or alternate between homes. Use the resources on this page to learn more about child support, get answers to the most frequently asked child support questions, and more. You can return to this page anytime by clicking the Child Support tab at the top of every page on the Single Parents at About.com website.
  1. Understand Child Support
  2. Receive Child Support
  3. Modify Child Support
  4. Unpaid Child Support
  5. Special Circumstances

Understand Child Support

Learn about how child support is collected.

Start by learning as much as you can about child support. Here, you'll find commonly asked child support questions, educational videos about child support enforcement, and more.

Receive Child Support

A child support calculator should only be used as an estimate.

Learn how to file for child support and what to expect in the state where you live.

Modify Child Support

Child support modification is an option for many single parents.

Child support modification is often necessary, due to changed circumstances. Find out how to request a modification and more with these resources.

Unpaid Child Support

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Unpaid child support leaves many single parents unable to get by month-to-month. Find out what to do when child support payments fall behind.

Special Circumstances

Child Support is every child's right.

Every family is unique. Get answers about your specific child support situation with these resources.

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