1. Parenting

Discipline Help for Single Parents

An explanation of various discipline techniques.

10 Ways to Stop Being a Helicopter Parent
Learn how to stop hovering and let go, so your kids can learn to be more confident and self-reliant.

How to Choose Appropriate Consequences
Do you feel like your consequences aren't effective enough to change your kids' behavior? Learn how to choose appropriate consequences with this list of options for kids of all ages.

Share Your House Rules
Learn what house rules other single parents are using with this "Readers Respond" feature.See submissions

Gain Control of Your Kids' Behavior
Feel like your kids' behavior is out of control? These five steps will help you create and enforce a set of rules, so that your entire family can enjoy more peace and harmony. It's never too late to step in and gain control of your kids' behavior.

My Ex Believes in Spanking as Discipline
Spanking as discipline is an issue that many parents disagree over. Find out how to handle it is your ex agrees with spanking but you don't.

How Do You Discipline Your Child in a Crisis?
How to discipline your child in a crisis is something many parents struggle with. Particularly when you're just glad that your child is alive, how do respond? Do you hug them, ground them, or both?

Discipline Success Stories: Share What Works Well for You
Is time out no longer working? Chances are, you need to move on to another more effective discipline strategy. Read these tried-and-true discipline methods, submitted by our readers.

Single Parenting Mistakes
Trying to strike up a balance between rules that are too strict and too lenient? Here is a list of single parenting mistakes you'll want to avoid.

Resolve Kids' Behavior Problems
Wondering why your kids are misbehaving? Here are five questions you can ask yourself which may provide some important clues.

Setting Ground Rules With Your Kids
Establish clearly defined ground rules in your house. This way, your kids will know what you expect of them at all times. Read some sample ground rules and learn to create ones that work for you.

Strategies for Effective Discipline
Discipline is about more than how you respond when your toddler throws a tantrum or your teenagers talks back to you. Discipline refers to...

Offering Choices to Gain Your Kids' Cooperation
Having trouble getting the kids to cooperate? Try using choices will help your children feel empowered and create a more peaceful home life. You'll be impressed by the positive outcome you'll see after just a few small changes.

When kids play parents against each other, what should they do?
Divorced parents have many challenges to face when it comes to raising their children collaboratively. One common pitfall is when kids attempt to play divorced parents off of one another. Learn what to do when with happens in your home.

What Should I Do When My Kids Are Not Listening to Me?
Not listening is a serious and frustrating problem for many newly single parents. Learn how to cope when your kids are not listening, and what you can do to reverse the situation and regain control.

Parenting Advice - Confessions and Parenting Advice For Single Parents
What parenting advice can you share with fellow moms and dads, so they can avoid the mistakes you made along the way? Share your worst mistakes, and read what other moms and dads have to say about what they learned the hard way about being a single mom or dad.

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