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5 Ways to Start Dating Again

Ideas for Putting Yourself Out There


So you want to start dating, but you're not sure how to put yourself back out there. Whether your friends and family are in on the action, or you're pursuing dating on your own, these options will help you meet new people and re-enter the dating world with confidence:

1. Start Dating Online

There are numerous online dating options available to you, from free online dating services, to online dating services created just for single parents.

2. Suggestions From Friends and Family Members

Whow knows you better than your closest friends and family members, right?  In fact, some of them have made a few suggestions to you in the past about people they know.  Why not go ahead and take them up on it?  Make arrangements to meet for a quick drink or to have lunch along with person who wants to set you up.  This will help to break the ice, and it's casual enough that there's little pressure to continue dating if it turns out that you're not interested.

3. People You Already Know

When you're ready to start dating, take a second glance at the people you already know.  Who are you attracted to?  Who do you respect?  Who interests you?  Suggest going out for a quick drink after work or attending an cultural arts festival that's coming up in your area.  This way, you can get to know one another better, but without the pressure of a formal "date."

4. Get Involved in a Spiritual or Civic Organizaiton

In order to start dating people you have something in common with, you have to put yourself in situations where there's a good chance that you'll have similiar interests and values.  Find a church that offers an adult singles group, or start volunteering with a local animal shelter on the weekends.  These types of opportunities will expose you to others who share your values, and even if sparks don't fly instantly, remember that each new person you meet has friends they can introduce you to, as well.

5. Acquantances From Various Social Activities

Finally, put yourself out there by taking a class or pursuing a hobby you've always wanted to enjoy.  Chances are, when you put yourself in this type of relaxed environment, you're bound to meet people who have similiar interests and goals.  In fact, you may even meet others who are there because they want to start dating, too!

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