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Dating as a Single Parent

Consider Why Being in a Single Parent Dating Relationship is Important to You


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As a dating single parent, it's important to think about why being in a relationship is important to you. Use the following questions to reflect on your motivation for dating and what you hope to get out of it:

  1. How do I imagine that being in a dating relationship will make me feel? If you're looking for a dating relationship to complete your life, you need to take a second glance at the life you've already built with your kids. Chances are, it's already complete just as it is right now, and any dating relationship that you bring into your life will only serve as a bonus. With this perspective, it's easier to be choosy about who fits into your life, rather than the other way around.

  2. What do I hope to get out of my experience with single parent dating? If your motivation is to feel better about your life then dating, as a single parent or otherwise, probably isn't going to meet your expectations. So before you even put yourself out there, think about your motivation. It should be something that you want for yourself, not something that you want for your kids or because you think being in a new relationship will help you get over a previous heartache.

  3. What makes this the right time for me to pursue a dating relationship? As a single parent, dating can't easily be removed from your life with your children. Sure, some parents do manage to keep their dating life completely separate from their family life, but whether you can pull that off depends greatly on the ages of your children and the availability of additional caretakers. So take the time before you even begin dating to consider whether this is the best time for you and your family.

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