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Warning Signs That You Should Never Ignore While You Are Dating

Indications That an Individual Should Not Be Trusted With Your Children


As a single parent, engaging in a lively social life can be an important way of taking care of yourself. Over time, this may also include significant dating relationships. How do you determine, though, when someone you're dating can be trusted with your children? While first and foremost you must pay attention to your own intuition, there are some additional warning signs that should give you pause. You should be very cautious of having a relationship with an individual who presents any of the following behaviors:
  1. He/she is intent on spending time with your child.

  2. He/she desires to establish a "friendship" with your child.

  3. Instructs your child to keep secrets or surprises from you.

  4. Interacts with your child physically in a way that is inappropriate or makes either you or your child uncomfortable.

  5. Initiates one-on-one contact with your child, either on the phone or through the Internet.

  6. Wants to spend time alone with your child.

  7. Asks to babysit for you.

  8. Seems unusually excited to see or be with your child.

  9. Showers your child with gifts and attention, perhaps even without your knowledge.

  10. Manipulates situations to get his or her own way.
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