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Single Parent Sex & Intimacy Tips

Know How You Plan to Handle Dating, Sex, and Intimacy


A single mom kissing her date.
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Once you start dating, intimacy is bound to come up. Whether you plan to be sexually active with your dates or not, it's crucial to have a plan in place ahead of time. Use these tips to decide how to handle intimacy when you're dating:

Have a Game Plan

When it comes to dating, sex, and intimacy, don't wait to be swept off your feet. Have a plan in mind for how you're doing to handle various situations, and share it with a trusted friend who will hold you accountable.

Decide Whether Testing is Important to You

Don't wait to discuss this issue in the heat of the moment. Instead, if testing is important to you, share that preference early in your relationship and take steps to get tested jointly. You both deserve to know that you're not putting yourselves at risk by becoming intimate with one another.

Be Prepared With Birth Control

Similarly, it's vital that you plan ahead and use birth control. As a well-informed adult, you have a responsibility to prevent an unintended pregnancy by using a reliable form of birth control, such as a condom. This doesn't have to take away from your intimacy. On the contrary, being conscientious about protecting one another from disease and/or pregnancy shows how much you care for one another.

Decide When and Under What Conditions

Finally, be sure to decide up front how and when you are prepared to be intimate with one another. For example, if physical intimacy be reserved for weekends when your children are visiting the other parent, be sure to share that intention with your partner ahead of time so that you can avoid miscommunicating with one another or possibly hurting each other's feelings.

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