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Ways to Save Money on Vacation This Summer


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Save Money on Vacation Hotel Costs
As a single parent on a budget, you need to figure out where you can cut costs during your vacation. Let's start with ways to save money on vacation hotel expenses. Think about it: You can easily get carried away when making hotel reservations. You start looking at accommodations that cost between $75-$100 per night, and before you know it, you're considering hotels that cost twice that or more. Use these tips to save money on vacation hotel costs this summer:
  • Stay With Family or Friends
    This is a pretty simple money-saving strategy. Instead of paying $100 per night at a hotel, consider staying with friends or family for free. You might even be able to swap homes with a friend or family member for the duration of your vacation. Even if you use this strategy for only part of your trip, it would help you save money on vacation costs overall.

  • Find Discount Hotel Rates
    When you make a hotel reservation, never pay full price. Always use online discount services, such as Priceline.com or Hotels.com.

  • Consider Two-Star Options
    You can also save money on vacation just by lowering your expectations. For example, making a reservation with a reputable two-star hotel - instead of a three-star hotel - can easily save you $50 per night. Sure, you might have to bring your own toiletries, but that "inconvenience" is worth the money you'll save on basically the same accommodations.

  • Look for Online Coupons
    If you already know where you'd like to stay, do an online search for that specific hotel and the words "coupon code." For example, when I took my kids to Florida to visit family, we stayed at the Nick Hotel in Orlando for two nights. I found an online coupon that allowed us to stay in a two bedroom suite for less than the cost of a regular room. Look for coupons like this to help you save money on vacation, too.

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