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Set Healthy Boundaries in Relationship With Your Ex

Learn How to Create and Maintain Healthly Boundaries


Now that you're no longer with your ex, it's important to set some healthy boundaries with one another. This will help your children cope with the changes you're going through as a family, and it will also help you heal and move on from the relationship. The following examples demonstrate the types of boundaries you need to set with your ex:

  • Phone calls - With the convenience of cell phones, you ex may expect to be able to call the children at any time of day or night. Learn how to set boundaries with your ex so that phone communication does not become a source of stress.

  • Text messages - Similarly, you need to set some boundaries around the use of text messages, so that you will not be expected to respond immediately to each and every non-emergency message.

  • Rescheduling Visits - Each of you will need to reschedule visits from time to time, but you need to develop some ground rules for how and when this should happen.

  • Intimacy - Finally, you need to set some physical boundaries so that you do not slip back into a sexual relationship, which could potentially create a lot of confusion for everyone involved.

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