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10 Spring Activities for Parents and Kids


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Week 1: Draw a Mural in Sidewalk Chalk
Make a sidewalk chalk mural with your kids this spring.

Making a sidewalk chalk mural with your kids is one of many spring activities you can enjoy together.

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Connecting with our kids requires some intentional effort. Here, you'll find ten weeks of spring activities to enjoy with your children. To scroll through each of the ten ideas, click "next" above the picture or click on one of the numbers at the bottom of your screen. Alternatively, consider signing up to receive each week's installment as an email by taking the free e-course "10 Weeks of Spring Activities."

This week's activity is to create a large mural using sidewalk chalk. You can do this using your own driveway, a sidewalk, or a brick wall.

Tips for Drawing Your Mural:

  • Buy sidewalk chalk at a local dollar store or thrift store.
  • Plan out your mural before you begin.
  • Build on a theme that your child has already shown an interest in, such as marine life, sports, or cars.
Additional Resources for Drawing Your Mural:

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