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Everyday Opportunities to Talk About Sex With Your Kids

Talk About Sex in a Natural, Confident Manner


Having the talk about sex doesn't have to happen at a pre-planned time. There are plenty of everyday opportunities to bring up the topic and talk about sex in a natural, confident manner, such as:

1. Talk About Sex When Your Kids Ask About Tampons or Sanitary Napkins

Here's a natural opportunity to talk about sex.  Instead of shying away from the question, ask your kids if they remember seeing pictures of them just after they were born.  Typically, there's a shot that includes some blood.  Tell them that every month a woman's body naturally starts to prepare to become pregnant, and that when there's no baby, the blood just comes out on its own.  This is known as "getting your period."

2. Talk About Sex When a Cialis Commercial Comes on TV

After you've already had the sex talk with your kids, commercials for Cialis and Viagra can be another opportunity to talk about sex. Simply ask, "Do you understand what they're talking about?" or "Do you have any questions about that?" to get the conversation started.

3. Talk About Sex When There is a High-Profile Rape or Abuse Case

Your kids will hear the word "rape" eventually.  After you've had the sex talk, you can explain that rape is when a man forces a woman to engage in sex. This is a good opportunity to talk with your daughter about the warning signs of abuse and self-defense strategies. With boys, it's an opportune time to talk about how to treat girls and how to handle anger in relationships.

4. Talk About Sex After Watching a Movie Together

Plenty of PG-13 movies include sexual innuendo that your child will need help to fully understand. Take the time, later that day or the next day, to ask your child what he or she thought was happening and invite questions. If applicable, ask your child how he or she might handle a similar situation and talk together about your beliefs about sex and intimate relationships.

5. Talk About Sex When Your Child Talks About Rumors at School

As your child grows older, there will be times when a rumor circulates about a fellow student, which may or may not be true.  Use the opportunity to talk about sex and the importance of making sound personal choices.  Remind your child not to perpetuate rumors, as well, and talk about the impact of private matters being shared publicly.  

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