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Review of My Two Homes, by Susan Magsamen

Helping Children Adjust to Living in Two Homes After Divorce or Separation

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Review of My Two Homes, by Susan Magsamen
My Two Homes is a thoughtfully written book designed to help families successfully adjust to living in two separate homes following a divorce or separation. Throughout the book, author Susan Magsamen provides valuable encouragement, along with practical suggestions, for parents - as well as kids. In addition, the book comes with a concrete tool - the "Home-to-Home Helper" binder - to help families communicate more effectively on important issues, such as schedules. This makes My Two Homes an excellent tool for facilitating positive communication between parents and children during a time of crucial readjustment.

The Book and "Home-to-Home Helper" Binder Include:

  • Q&A for kids

  • Poetry

  • Family stories

  • Suggestions from fellow parents

  • "Home-to-Home Helper" binder kids can assemble and decorate themselves

  • Practical suggestions on how to get the most out of your "Home-to-Home Helper."

  • A link to additional online tools

  • Writing prompts and suggestions

  • Directions for creating an emergency overnight kit

  • Recipes

  • A Family Pledge for everyone to sign

  • And more

The Book:

This 48-page book is designed for each parent to read alone, as well as to read alongside your child. It is filled with valuable nuggets of information and positive guidance for navigating this season of transition in your lives. For parents, there are explicit instructions to help you avoid putting your child in the middle and helping him or her to best cope with what is happening. For children, there are tools, such as writing prompts, poetry, and a Q&A section answering some of the most-asked questions kids want answered.

"Home-to-Home Helper" Binder:

This small address-book-sized binder includes tabs for contacts, calendars, to-do lists, school events, after school activities, favorite things to do, journal pages, and photo pages. You can also download additional pages online at www.familystories.org. The purpose of the binder is to give kids' a tangible way to ferry information back and forth between each parent's home.


This is an excellent resource for every family that is going through the transition from sharing one home to living in two separate residences. The practical information Magsamen shares will equip parents to put their children above their own needs and guide them lovingly toward the "new normal" that lies ahead.

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