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Mailing Gifts and Packages to Your Kids

Make it Extra Special and Fun to Open


A young boy holding a Christmas gift.
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When you're mailing gifts to your kids, you want them to be extra special. Here are some tips to make opening the package even more fun:
  • Plan to mail your gift early. It means so much to your kids when the package arrives on time!

  • Instead of using bubble wrap, place a few balloons (filled with air) inside the box.

  • Throw in a banner that reads "Happy Birthday" (or "Congratulations," "Merry Christmas," or whatever is appropriate at the time). Don't forget some tape, too!

  • Include a disposable camera and a pre-paid mailing envelope. This way, your child can easily pop the camera in the mail, and have the developed pictures sent directly to you. Request doubles and send a set back to your child!

  • Include some confetti. You can make your own by cutting up pieces of colored paper or magazines.

  • Throw in a few party hats and festive blowers or kazoos.

  • Decorate the outside of the box with stickers.

  • Also remember to include a card. Write your own personal message explaining how proud you are of your child and what you hope for him or her in the coming year.

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