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Experience Gifts for Kids of Any Age

Affordable Gifts You Can Enjoy Together


A boy attends a major league baseball game.

Build a closer bond with experience gifts -- like tickets to a baseball game.

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Baffled over what to buy your kids this holiday season? Try an experience gift -- something you can enjoy together. More than all the "stuff" you could purchase and present with a big red bow, experience gifts create memories and help you develop an even stronger bond with your kids. Here are some ideas to consider:

Young Children

Choose experience gifts that allow you to spend time together while giving your child the opportunity to discover new interests, such as:

  • Classes. Sign your child up for a "Mommy and Me" or "Daddy and Me" class. Options include movement classes, music classes, and more. 
  • Tickets. Buy tickets for a Disney on Ice event near you. This is a great way to connect with your kids by tapping into something they already love!
  • Season Passes. Buy season passes for a local children's museum or zoo. Look around for smaller conservation centers and nature preserves, too.

Older Children

Choose a gift that lets your child know you've noticed something about his or her interests, such as:

  • Gift Cards. Give your child the gift of time together in the form of a gift card to a local beading shop or paint-your-own-pottery establishment.
  • Tickets. Buy tickets for the two of you to attend a professional sporting event or concert together.
  • Season Passes. Buy passes to a nearby amusement park.
  • Lessons. Pay for guitar lessons, a season of martial arts classes, or a series of classes your child is interested in pursuing.
  • An Overnight Camping Trip. Plan a camping trip or overnight journey to a place your child wants to go.
  • A Weekend at Disney. For tips help planning a successful trip -- especially if you're traveling as one adult with multiple children -- read Tips for Single Parents Visiting Disney Theme Parks.

Tweens & Teens

Take your tween/teen by surprise with an experience gift they're not expecting, such as:

  • Tickets. Find out when their favorite group is performing or take them to a sporting event they've never attended before.
  • Driving lessons. Whether you purchase driving lessons for them or give them your own "coupon" for a series of driving lessons with you, your teen is sure to appreciate this gift!
  • A spa day. Make plans to attend a spa together, or purchase a gift certificate she can use as prom season approaches.

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