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Celebrate Christmas With Your Kids

The Christmas season offers many opportunities for special family time. Rekindle old traditions or start new ones with these tips and resources.

Christmas Eve Tips for Single Parents
Take the stress out of Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning with these tips.

11 Holiday Gifts You Need to Clear With Your Ex First
Head off the conflict before it starts and talk with your ex about what you plan to buy the kids this year –– especially if you plan on buying one of these 11 gifts!

Survive & Thrive Though This Holiday Season
The winter holidays can be rough on single parents. In fact, you might be feeling more isolated and overwhelmed during this time, which can make it even harder to cope with the everyday issues of single parenting. These tips and resources will help you cope with the holiday blues, make time for fun, deal with holiday co-parenting issues, plan...

Tips For Single Parents on Surviving the Holiday Blues
The holidays can feel especially lonely when your kids are visiting the other parent. Find out what you can do to cope with the holiday blues and make the most of the holiday while your kids visit the other parent.

Redefine Your Values This Holiday Season
Decide what really matters most to you during the holiday season and learn how to pare down those traditions that don’t reflect your true priorities.

Easy-to-Make Homemade Ornaments
Are you looking for a fun way to reconnect with your kids this holiday season without spending a lot of money? Try making some homemade ornaments together. All of these sample crafts were created by our Guide to Family Crafts, Sherri Osborn, and can be made using materials you already have on hand at home.

Easy Advent Calendars for Children
Do your kids ask every day when Santa is coming? Use an Advent calendar to help your kids count down the days until Christmas. Try making one of these easy Advent calendars with materials you already have around the house.

Favorite Holiday Traditions
What are your favorite holiday traditions? Share the things that you do with your kids, year after year, as you celebrate the holidays together.

The 12 Days of Kindness for Single Moms and Dads
Do you recall the song “The 12 Days of Christmas?” In this parody of the old carol, you'll find 12 ways to be kind to yourself as a single parent.

Experience Gifts for Kids of Any Age
Not sure what to buy your kids this holiday season? Try these experience gifts for kids of all ages!

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