1. Parenting
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Explanation of Birds Nest Custody


Definition of Birds Nest Custody:

Birds nest custody is when the children live in one central location, and the parents rotate in and out of the children's home on a regular schedule. For example, mom may reside at the children's home Monday evening through Thursday, and Dad may reside there from Thursday evening through Monday morning.

Pros of Birds Nest Custody:

  • The children get to live in one, permanent location.

  • They can continue to go to the same school.

  • Their school and neighborhood friendships can continue, uninterrupted.

  • Therefore, the degree of change imposed on them by the divorce is minimized.

Cons of Birds Nest Custody:

  • Birds nest custody can be very difficult for the parents.

  • Each parent would need to maintain his or her own separate residence, and rotate in and out of the original family home according to the established child custody schedule.

  • This can be considerably more expensive than maintaining two separate homes.

  • In addition, the parents may feel that during the time that they live in the children's location, they have little privacy, since the other parents' ongoing presence is obvious and unavoidable.

  • This may become especially challenging if either, or both, parents begin dating eventually.

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