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Child Care Options

Finding quality child care is critical to your peace of mind. The resources below include emergency child care options, questions for interviewing potential caregivers, and more.

How Do I Find Childcare?
Darlene asks how to find childcare in the wake of her husband's unexpected departure. Includes tips for choosing the type of childcare that's best for you, whether to choose licensed childcare, and more.

Online Babysitter and Nanny Companies
Babysitter and nanny finder services can be found online, but are they reliable? Is it really possible to find quality child care through an online service? Read these reviews of various online babysitter and nanny services.

How to Interview a Potential Babysitter
There's a lot to ask when you're preparing to interview a potential babysitter. This list of questions covers the most important topics, including the sitter's previous experience, the house rules, handling emergencies, play time with the kids, and compensation.

Ways to Find and Keep a Qualified Babysitter
Finding a babysitter you trust and the kids love can be a challenge. Find out where to find qualified sitters, and how to keep a sitter happily employed.

Guidelines For Leaving Your Kids Home Alone
Are you considering leaving your kids home alone for the first time? Find out the minimum recommended age for leaving kids home alone, as well as the ages required by state law in some areas. Also learn what you can do to prepare your child for being safe while staying home alone.

Book Review of Staying Home Alone
The book Staying Home Alone is a great tool for parents to use in teaching their children how to be safe when they're home alone. With everything from basic rules to quizzes and activities, this book will help you talk with your child about how, exactly, to be safe at home alone.

Ten Backup Providers for Single Parents
That your children will be sick occasionally is inevitable. And, unfortunately, you won't always be able to take off from work. So when you find yourself having to search for a last-minute backup provider, consider the following options:

How Can I Find Emergency Child Care at the Last Minute?
Emergency child care is a problem every single parent faces at one time or another. Find out what to do, and how to think creatively, when you need emergency child care.

Emergency Child Care - Real Emergency Child Care Solutions
Emergency child care options can be hard to come by, especially if you don't have family nearby. Find out what other parents have done when they've needed emergency child care at the last minute.

After School - Single Parent After School Solutions
After school hours can be challenging for single parents, who often can't leave work to pick up their children or drop them off at extra-curricular activities. Readers share real-lilfe after school solutions in this "Readers Respond" feature.

Babysitter Interview Questions
There's a lot to ask when you interview a potential babysitter. This list of questions covers the most important topics, including experience, emergencies, and compensation.

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