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West Virginia Child Support Guidelines

Factors Used to Determine Child Support in West Virginia


A court in West Virginia uses several criteria to make a proper child support order during a child support hearing. In West Virginia, parents are obligated to support a minor child until the child reaches age 18. Support may continue beyond age 18 if a child is enrolled in a secondary school and progressing towards a diploma. However, all support obligations terminate when a child reaches age 20. Here is some more information about elements considered in a West Virginia child support case:

Child Support Factors

In West Virginia, child support is calculated by combining both parents adjusted gross incomes. A West Virginia court will consider the following factors when ordering child support:

  • Custodial arrangements (If parents are sharing custody, it will affect the child support obligation.)
  • Whether the child receives Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Whether a portion of the parent's social security benefits is sent directly to the child

A West Virginia court will consider the following factors to deviate from the normal child support formula:

  • Special needs of the child or the parent obligated to pay child support
  • Long distance visitation costs
  • Needs of additional children for whom support is owed
  • Educational expenses for the child or the child's parent
  • Whether the child resides with a third party
  • Whether there are more than six children in a family
  • Whether the total amount of child support, spousal support, and child care expenses reduces a parent's income to below the poverty line standard or whether deviating from the child support guidelines will reduce a child's household income to below poverty level

Non-Income Based Child Support Factors

In addition to child support payments, a West Virginia court may order a parent to:

  • Contribute to a child's extraordinary medical and dental expenses that are not covered by insurance
  • Contribute to unreimbursed child care expenses
  • Contribute to any other extraordinary expenses agreed to by the parents or ordered by the court
  • Add a child to a parent's health insurance

For more information about factors considered in a child support order in West Virginia, speak with a qualified attorney in West Virginia or refer to the West Virginia Code.

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