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Face the Challenges Associated With Single Parenting

Single parent challenges go beyond learning how to work with your ex. You also have to learn how to cope within a society that is too-often judgmental of single parents and rise above negative stereotypes to build the life you want for yourself and your kids.

What Not to Say to a Single Mom
It's shocking what people feel comfortable saying to a single mom. Here, you'll find 6 phrases to avoid, along with a few things you can say instead to really show your support and encouragement.

7 Things Every Single Parent Needs to Know
Raising kids on your own isn't easy. Here, find the encouragement you need to get through the toughest days and know that you're making a difference in your kids' lives.

Single Parenting Tips
Getting through the first year is tough. You'll be forced to make decisions you never wanted to contemplate, and rely on strength you didn't know you had. These eleven single parenting tips for newly single parents will help you persevere during the challenging days ahead.

Start a Journal
Journaling is a great way to recognize your inner strengths and begin living your life with more hope and clarity. With this free 30-day e-course, you'll receive a new guided journal topic each day, via email, for four weeks.

People Say the Stupidest Things
Even today, people make a lot of wrong assumptions about single parents. What are some of the worst things you’ve heard, and how have you responded to such ignorance? Share your experiences in this “Readers Respond” feature.

How Have You Responded to Rude Comments?
Single parents often hear rude and obnoxious comments. Share with our readers the rudest thing anyone has ever said to you about being a single parenting in this "Readers Respond" feature.

Single Mom Myths
Single mom myths are all-too-prevalent in our society. Get the facts about single mom statistics and begin breaking down the myths.

25 Reasons to Be Proud of Yourself
Are you proud of being a single parent? Take a long look at all that you do and recognize that there is much to be proud of.

How Motherhood Changed My Life
Single mothers share how motherhood has changed their lives. Find encouragement in these true stories shared by fellow single mothers, or share a story of your own.

Top Single Parenting Challenges
Single parenting is never an easy job, whether you're co-parenting, or raising your kids completely on your own. Let our readers know some of the biggest challenges you face through this series of "Readers Respond" features.

A Day in the Life of a Single Parent
As a single parent, you are never really alone. You stand with 14 million other single moms and dads who face the same challenges you deal with every day. Gain strengths, and learn how other single moms and dads handle their day-to-day responsibilities, with these real-life single parent stories.See submissions

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