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Legitimate Work From Home Jobs

Companies That Hire Individuals to Work Out of Their Homes


Being able to work from home would be a dream come true, right? Imagine giving up your commute, having the flexibility to create your own schedule, and eliminating the stress of needing back up child care for your kids' sick days. With the range of legitimate work from home jobs available today, it is possible for hardworking single parents to earn enough money from home to make ends meet. Consider the following legitimate work from home careers, and the specific pros and cons they offer you as a single parent.

In addition, if you're looking for earn extra income with part-time supplemental employment, consider starting an at-home business you can operate alongside your kids, such as babysitting or pet sitting.

Call Center Jobs

If you have customer service experience, look for call center jobs you can do from home. Just make sure that you can realistically work over the phone without being interrupted by your kids. Ideally, you'll want to have a separate room where you can work, and you'll need to teach your children clear rules for communicating with you while you're working.

To find legitimate work from home jobs with call centers, try:

Computer Programmer

If you have training and experience in computer programming, consider working from home as a computer programmer. You can either work for a company that will allow you to telecommute, or you can work as a freelance programmer and set your own fees and hours.

To learn more about whether this work from home opportunity would suit your needs, read:

Freelance Writer/Editor

From blogging, to writing online content, magazine articles, and books, there are plenty of opportunities for competent writers and editors to work from home. To find legitimate work, try:

IT Professional

Internet Technology professionals answer questions over the phone and help users resolve computer issues virtually. Successful candidates should have experience as well as training. As with call center jobs, you'll want to make sure that you can realistically work over the phone without interruptions from your kids. To learn more, read:

Medical Transcriptionist

If you're an experienced medical transcriptionist, you may be able to work from home for a private doctor or medical practice. For help finding legitimate opportunities, read:

Nursing Jobs

If you're a Registered Nurse, you can find legitimate work from home opportunities with heath care companies such as:


Reselling goods is another way to make money from home. With reselling, you can choose to keep an inventory of goods that you ship daily or go with a "drop ship" model, where the supplier does the shipping for you as orders are placed. For more about how to begin your own reselling business, try:

Tutoring Jobs

If you have a background in education, look for legitimate work from home tutoring and teaching jobs. Whether you want to work for an existing tutoring company or start your own tutoring business, this is a legitimate option. To learn more about getting started, read:

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants work out of the their homes doing the same tasks that in-office assistants do, like typing, transcribing, data entry, and more. This is an ideal work from home opportunity for single parents who have access to the internet at home and who are willing to work hard to establish a good reputation and maintain clients. To get started in this line of work, try:

Website Designer

If you're a skilled website designer and you have access to the right tools, you can develop a thriving home-based in very little time. To explore web design as a legitimate work from home job, read:

You can find additional work from home jobs on About.com's Work-at-Home Moms site:

In conclusion, don't give up on your search for a legitimate work from home job opportunity. In addition to these companies, check job boards like www.indeed.com on a regular basis for telecommuting jobs.

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