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These creative blogs are written by single parents who bravely share their lives and experiences on the internet. And if you're a regular blogger, and you'd like to see your site listed on About.com, submit a description of your blog to the About.com Guide to Single Parents. We'd love to share your work with our readers!

Tell Our Readers About Your Single Parent Blog
If you have your own blog, take a moment to share it with our readers. And if you're not a blogger yet, but you have lots to say about single parenting, share your advice with our readers.

Solo Mother
"All the responsibility. Half the time." Written by Christina Zola, this blog chronicles the single parent life with humor and a down-to-earth quality that makes you want to read more!

Single Mom Seeking
A witty, upbeat blog about single parenting from Rachel Sarah.

Glenn Sacks
Glenn Sacks is an advocate for father's rights.

Pennsylvania Family Law
This is an interesting blog written by attorney Charles Meyer. He writes about custody trends, support, and more.

Modern Single Momma
Modern Single Momma describes her blog as the "candid ramblings of a naked (emotionally speaking) single momma hot on the pursuit of happiness and personal growth." She's funny, honest, and down to earth about the ups and downs of single parenting and life in general.

Ms. Single Mama and the Single Mom Life
Ms. Single Mamma writes "musings on dating, life, love, and motherhood." It's a witty and fun-to-read blog.

Rich Single Momma
Rich Single Momma is a life enrichment blog for single moms that features the "Side Hustle Series," life re-design tips, and tools to encourage, empower and enrich the lives of all single moms while building up their bank account.

Dad's House Blog
Written by David Mott, Dad's House Blog focuses on issues related to divorce, co-parenting, raising teens, and solo parenting.

Solo Mommy
Solo Mommy's theme is "Moving through life one amusing moment at a time." She writes on a variety of parenting-related topics.

Single Mom by Design
Beatriz writes a faith-based blog for single parents that is intended to encourage and inspire.

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