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Your Child's Education - Single Parents - About.com
Help navigating your child's academic years, from identifying learning ... Resources to help you get the most out of your child's educational experiences.
How Can I Get Copies of My Child's School Records? - Single Parents
Find how to get copies of your kids' reports cards and more -- even if you are a non-custodial parent -- under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act ...
Financing Your Child's Education - Financial Planning - About.com
As a parent of a young child, thoughts about them going off to college and how they will pay for it have probably crossed your mind. At the same time you've ...
Financing Your Child's College Education - Financial Planning
Financing Your Child's College Education. How to Prepare for the $100000 Price Tag.
Should I Save for Retirement or My Child's College Education First?
After you have done that you should start saving for your child's education. You should look at a 529 savings plan as an option. You can also begin to invest the ...
How Much Should I Save for My Child's College Education?
The first thing you should do is find out how much college will likely cost for your child when they will be attending. Use this number as a worst-case scenario ...
Choosing the Right College Savings Account for a Child
A Guide to Investing Wisely to Meet Your Future College Costs. Choosing the Right College Savings Account for Your Child .... Profile: Section 529 Accounts · Profile: Coverdell Education Savings Accounts · Profile: UGMA / UTMA Custodi...
Getting Involved in Your Child's Education: The Home-School ...
When your child goes to school, forging a good home-school connection can help you get involved in his education and keep your job as his first teacher.
How to Get an IEP for Your Child - Children With Special Needs
Whether you've requested an Individualized Educational Plan for your child or have been asked to consider one by school or state personnel, these are the ...
Complete Financial Portfolio - Save for Your Child's Education
The ninth step to building a complete financial portfolio is saving for your child's education. Although there are many opinions of the matter, if you save for your ...
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