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Types of Child Custody and Visitation - Single Parents - About.com
Child custody falls into two distinct categories -- legal custody and physical custody. Understand these forms of child custody and your options before you begin ...
Types of Child Support Cases - IV-D & Non I-D - Single Parents
Learn about the types of child support cases, including IV-D, IV-A, IV-E, and non IV-D, as well as the services available to you through the state.
Disadvantages of Joint Child Custody - Single Parents - About.com
Joint child custody is typically the preferred custody arrangement in most courts. A joint custody or shared custody arrangement allows parents to share physical ...
Different Types of Child Custody Explained - Divorce Support
There are many forms of child custody the court can grant a parent. Custody is determined by the laws of your state, any agreements between you and your ...
Physical Custody vs. Joint Physical Custody - Divorce Support
If you and your ex share joint physical custody, custody of your child will be split 50/50 or something close to that percentage. Joint physical custody, sometimes ...
Joint Custody Child Support - Who Is Expected to Pay - Single Parents
Joint custody child support is determined in several different ways. Learn how the courts deal with the dilemma of determining which parent is expected to pay ...
Child Custody in Indiana - Know Your State's Laws - Single Parents
A court in Indiana will award joint legal custody if it determines joint custody to be in the best interests of the child. In determining whether to award a parent joint ...
Illinois - Child Custody Laws by State - Single Parents - About.com
When deciding child custody in Illinois, courts consider the best interests of the ... Family courts in Illinois prefer to award parents joint legal custody, noting that ...
Legal Custody and Joint Legal Custody Differences - Divorce Support
Legal custody of a child means a parent has the right to make all decisions concerning their child's upbringing. Joint legal custody means both parents have an ...
Common Questions about Child Custody and Visitation
Courts frequently award at least some aspects of custody to both parents, called " joint custody."
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