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Tax Breaks for Single Parents - About.com
Don't miss these 5 tax breaks for single parents. Includes links to resources provided by tax professionals and the IRS.
Tax Breaks for Students - Distance Learning - About.com
In order to ease the burden of students in this time of costly textbooks and record- high tuition bills, the federal government has provided several sizable tax ...
Federal Tax Incentives for Higher Education
The federal government provides several tax incentives for college students and their parents. Here's an overview of the key tax breaks for pursuing ...
Tax Breaks for Victims of Natural Disasters - Home Buying and Selling
How U.S. taxpayers can deduct losses from a natural disaster. The limitations for natural disaster and casualty loss tax deductions.
Tax Breaks for Home Selling - Home Buying and Selling - About.com
Tax breaks for home selling. How the IRS treats profits above the exclusion guidelines. Must home sellers pay taxes on the sale of personal property?
State Tax Breaks for Renewables and Energy Efficiency
State tax breaks for going green can be split into two categories: renewables and energy efficiency. Renewable energy could be something like adding solar ...
What Rebates and Tax Breaks Are Available for Hybrids?
There are various hybrid rebates and tax breaks available depending upon where you live. U.S. federal and state governments offer a variety of tax incentives ...
Federal Financial Aid Help (12 Options)
Paying for online college courses can take a toll. But, Uncle Sam wants to help. Here are twelve loans, grants, tax breaks, and scholarships available from the ...
Tax Breaks for College - Saving for College - About.com
An easy-to-read guide covering the tax deductions and credits offered by the IRS to help lower the cost of a college education. This comprehensive guide ...
Stock Investors Get Few Tax Breaks - Not Many Deductions for ...
The majority of investors don't qualify for special tax deductions under current IRS code. To qualify for most deductions, you must trade full-time.
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