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Tax Breaks for Single Parents - About.com
Don't miss these 5 tax breaks for single parents. Includes links to resources provided by tax professionals and the IRS.
Earned Income Tax Credit Rules for 2013 - Single Parents - About.com
The Earned Income Tax Credit is a tax benefit that you may be eligible for as a single parent. It is designed to help low-income families keep more of the money  ...
Claim Child Dependent - Tax Rules for Single Parents
Can Both Parents Claim a Child as a Dependent for Tax Purposes? ... Tax Breaks for Single Parents · Head of Household · Child Support and Taxes FAQ · How ...
Basic Income Tax Tips for Divorced Dads - Fatherhood - About.com
Filing your income tax return for the first time as a divorced dad? Find out what you ... Tax Breaks for Single Parents · How Will Chid Support Affect Your Taxes?
Single Parents Income Tax Information - About.com
The Earned Income Tax Credit may be an option for you as a single parent. Find out what the Earned Income Tax Credit it, and who qualifies for this tax credit.
Single Parents - Head of Household - Income Tax Filing Status
Does this mean I should file as "Head of Household" on my tax return? Answer: ... Asking for Help: Tips for Single Moms & Dads · 5 Tax Breaks for Single Parents ...
Can Two Taxpayers Claim the Same Dependent? - Tax Planning: U.S.
The way the tax laws are written, only one person can claim a dependent on their tax return. However two parents may be able to both claim tax breaks ...
How to Claim the Child Tax Credit - Financial Planning - About.com
This may come as a surprise to many new parents, but it's important to plan for so that ... One of the real benefits of this is that it's a tax credit, not a tax deduction.
Top Nine Questions to Ask at Tax Time After Divorce - Divorce Support
If you have a settlement agreement and final decree, you can file as single. You may ... Tax Breaks for Single Parents · How Will Chid Support Affect Your Taxes?
IRS Tiebreaker Rules for Claiming Dependents - Single Parents
Claiming dependents for tax purposes can be confusing, especially for ... Tax Breaks for Single Parents · Criteria for Claiming Dependents on Your Taxes · How ...
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