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Tax Breaks for Single Parents - About.com
Don't miss these 5 tax breaks for single parents. Includes links to resources provided by tax professionals and the IRS.
Earned Income Tax Credit Rules for 2013 - Single Parents - About.com
The Earned Income Tax Credit is a tax benefit that you may be eligible for as a single parent. It is designed to help low-income families keep more of the money  ...
Claim Child Dependent - Tax Rules for Single Parents
My children live with me, and I was planning to claim them on my taxes. ... In the case of divorced, separated, or never married parents, only one parent can ...
Single Parents Income Tax Information - About.com
8 Articles in: Single Parents Income Tax Information - Income Tax Questions for Single Parents. Couple working on taxes together - Tooga/The Image Bank/Getty  ...
Single Parents - Head of Household - Income Tax Filing Status
Single Parents Expert. Share this ... Young woman doing her taxes w/ her daughter. ... Does this mean I should file as "Head of Household" on my tax return ?
IRS Tiebreaker Rules for Claiming Dependents - Single Parents
Couple working on taxes together - Tooga/The Image Bank/Getty Images ... but the child clearly resides with one parent for more than 50% of the time, then the ...
How Will Child Support Affect Your Taxes?
Although the payment and receipt of child support does not affect your taxes there ... The exemption may be claimed by one parent one year and the other parent ...
Top Nine Questions to Ask at Tax Time After Divorce - Divorce Support
To avoid the issue of taxes and alimony you can have your divorce decree ... If custody hasn't been determined or one parent pays the majority of the living ...
Claiming Head of Household Filing Status - Tax Planning: U.S.
Taxpayers claiming the Head of Household filing status benefit from a higher standard deduction and lower tax rates than single taxpayers. ... There are also special rules that relate to separated parents and married couples who live apart  .....
Can Two Taxpayers Claim the Same Dependent? - Tax Planning: U.S.
The way the tax laws are written, only one person can claim a dependent on their tax return. However two parents may be able to both claim tax breaks ...
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