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6 Shared Parenting Myths - Get the Facts - Single Parents - About.com
Shared parenting refers to a joint custody arrangement where both parents share approximately equal parenting time. However, it is an option that is still widely ...
Shared Parenting - Shared Parenting Legislation - Single Parents
More and more, shared parenting is being recognized by the courts as a custody option that should be given considerable weight. Learn some of the legal ...
We're Having a Tuesday Book Review - Co-parenting Books ...
A Children's Book on Shared Parenting by DK Simoneau ... We're Having A Tuesday is a realistic portrayal of shared parenting from the child's point of view.
Equal Parenting - Shared Parenting - Divorce Support - About.com
On this page, you will find articles and resources on the subject of Equal Parenting.
What Every Father Needs to Know About Parenting Plans
Learn what need to be in a parenting plan and what fathers need to know before ... "While we are both OK with shared custody, trying to define all the details has ...
6 Examples of Joint Custody Parenting Time - Single Parents
More Child Custody Schedules: 12 Parenting Time and Visitation Schedules ... With this shared parenting schedule, the children spend three days with Parent A,  ...
The Importance Of Equal Parenting After Divorce - Divorce Support
Studies and research that show the importance of equal parenting after divorce. ... Father Child Reunion: My Opinion · Shared Parenting Myths · Shared ...
Challenges to Making Joint Custody Work
Sharing joint physical custody, also known as "shared parenting," "shared custody," or "dual residence," can be quite challenging to negotiate and manage.
Child Custody and Support Guidelines in Ohio - Divorce Support
If one parent files a pleading and submits a shared parenting plan, and if a plan for shared parenting is in the best interest of the children, the court may allocate ...
Definition of Joint Physical Custody - Pros & Cons - Single Parents
This form of child custody is also called "Shared Custody," "Shared Parenting," or "Dual Residence." In this situation, the child/ren live with one parent for part of ...
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