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6 Tips for Setting Clear House Rules With Your Family - Single Parents
Clearly defined house rules let your kids know what you expect of them at all times. Learn how to create your own set of rules and discuss them with your ...
Rules for an 11-Year-Old - Submit an Entry: My House Rules
What rules and consequences are appropriate for an 11-year-old? ... Typical consequences for breaking my house rules: ... More on Setting Up House Rules.
5 Reasons Why It Is Important to Set Limits With Kids - Discipline
Setting limits with kids means setting a guideline for behavior, even when there's not an official household rule. Since you can't set a rule about everything, limits ...
TV Rules - Setting TV Rules for Kids - Children's TV Rules for
Setting TV rules for your children as part of a larger set of work-at-home ground rules benefits both you and your child. And though kids would probably prefer no  ...
Rules That Help Teens Become Responsible Adults - Discipline
Give them rules to reduce distractions by setting limits on cell phone use in the car and by making clear rules about passengers. Also, set rules about speeding ...
Tips on Setting Limits Rules - Teens - About.com
Often, we are too quick on setting the rules. If you give your teenager the opportunity to help with what the rules are they are more likely to comply with them.
Establishing House Rules for Kids - Discipline - About.com
Establishing a set of household rules helps kids understand the importance of having boundaries and limits. Kids look for adults to learn about appropriate and  ...
Child Behavior 101 - Setting Limits for Your Children - Fatherhood
Set limits and consequences together. Rules are set best when parents and children set them together. Being a part of the rule-setting process helps them ...
Setting Ground Rules With Your Children and Their Grandparents
When you take the kids to their grandparents' house, you step into a different world than the situation at your home. How can you set ground rules with the ...
10 Tips for Setting Limits on Electronics and Screen ... - Discipline
There are lots of reasons why it is important to establish electronics rules for kids. However, many parents aren't sure how to go about setting limits with TV, cell ...
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