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Readers Respond: Daylight Saving Time Confusion - Geography
What was your most interesting Daylight Saving Time experience? Share your experience and read what others had to say about Daylight Saving Time.
Who Enforces Daylight Saving Time - US Government - About.com
See which government agency is responsible for overseeing daylight saving time . Find out what the government's duty is in regulating daylight saving time.
Overview of Daylight Saving Time - Geography - About.com
Daylight Saving Time (Also Known as Daylight Savings Time). Daylight Saving Time - Second Sunday in March and Ends First Sunday in November. By Matt ...
Daylight Saving Time in Mexico - Mexico's Horario de Verano
Find out when to change your clock for Daylight Saving Time in Mexico, called " horario de verano" in Mexico.
About Time! Daylight Saving, That Is - US Government - About.com
Daylight saving time (DST) for 2014 ends at 2:00 a.m. (local time) on Sunday, November 2. Clocks should be set back one hour except in Hawaii; American ...
Energy Bill Would Extend Daylight Savings Time - US Government
Love it or hate it, America's annual observance of daylight savings time would be extended an additional month under a provision of the massive Energy Policy ...
Daylight Saving Time - JavaScript - About.com
How to add methods to the JavaScript Date object that allow you to determine if your visitor is on daylight saving time.
Daylight Saving Time in Reno - Reno/Tahoe - About.com
Reno and all of Nevada observe Daylight saving time (DST). On the second Sunday in March, clocks are set ahead one hour at 2:00 a.m. local standard time,  ...
Daylight Saving Time in Arizona - Share Your Opinion - Phoenix
Share your opinion about daylight Saving Time. Should Arizona participate? Should everyone else abandon it? Did you ever forget and miss a flight or a ...
Daylight Saving Time - Women in Business - About.com
When does daylight savings time begin and end? How do I change my clocks? Where is DST observed? What if I take insulin or medications on a schedule?
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