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Golf Rules (At a Glance and In-Depth)
Check out Golf Rules in both short, plain-English form or the full, in-depth rules, plus rulings on confusing situations, and pose your questions to experts.
Rules of Golf - Rule 1: The Game
Rule 1 from the Official Rules of Golf, courtesy of the United States Golf Association.
Rules of Golf - Rule 2: Match Play
Rule 2 from the Official Rules of Golf, courtesy of the United States Golf Association.
Size and Shape of Ball Markers and the Rules of Golf
Do the Rules of Golf specifiy what types of objects can - or must - be used as ball markers on the putting green? And can you require your opponent to use a ...
Board Game Rules And Strategies Directory
This guide to the rules and strategies of some of the most popular board games is a helpful aid if you lost the instructions or just need extra help to get that ...
Rules of Golf - Searching for and Identifying Ball - About.com
Rule 12 from the Official Rules of Golf, courtesy of the United States Golf Association.
The Rules Of Soccer - The 17 Laws Of The Game - About.com
Each season FIFA publishes an extensive 'Laws of the Game' guide which describes the rules of soccer. Here is an overview of the 17 laws of the game.
Amsterdam Bike Safety Tips for Tourists
Riding a bike in Amsterdam is a quintessentially Dutch experience. But every visitor on two wheels should know these rules of the road. Read these Top 10 Tips ...
How To Find Board or Card Game Rules or Instructions
How to find lost rules or instructions for board games and card games.
Tic-Tac-Toe - Game Rules With Variants - Board Games - About.com
The complete rules for Tic Tac Toe, with variants which can make the game more challenging.
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