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Golf Rules (At a Glance and In-Depth)
Check out Golf Rules in both short, plain-English form or the full, in-depth rules, plus rulings on confusing situations, and pose your questions to experts.
The Rules Of Soccer - The 17 Laws Of The Game - About.com
The rules of soccer come in the form of 17 laws from world governing body FIFA.
OSB. Rule of Benedict. Text, English. Table of Contents
Mr. J. Frank Henderson edits a website that provides information about the history, dissemination and use of the Rule of Benedict adapted for and by women .
Rules of Golf - Rule 1: The Game
Rule 1 from the Official Rules of Golf, courtesy of the United States Golf Association.
Rules of Golf - Rule 2: Match Play
Rule 2 from the Official Rules of Golf, courtesy of the United States Golf Association.
ice hockey rules explained - the NHL, the - About.com
Ice hockey rules explained. Links to rules and regulations for the NHL, international ice hockey and other leagues, plus a glossary.
Rules of Golf - Searching for and Identifying Ball - About.com
Rule 12 from the Official Rules of Golf, courtesy of the United States Golf Association.
Board Game Rules And Strategies Directory - Board/Card Games
This guide to the rules and strategies of some of the most popular board games is a helpful aid if you lost the instructions or just need extra help to get that ...
Basic Rules of Baseball and Softball - MLB - About.com
There are many, many more rules than the ones below, and exceptions to just about every one of them. But so not to confuse a beginner, here's a very quick ...
How To Find Board or Card Game Rules or Instructions
How to find lost rules or instructions for board games and card games.
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