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What Is a Stroke Play in Golf? - About.com
Definition: "Stroke play" refers to a round of golf in which the score is kept by adding the cumulative total of strokes taken throughout the round. Stroke play is ...
Match Play Rules, Scoring, Formats, and Terms - Golf - About.com
Need an introduction to golf match play? This Match Play Primer, from the About. com Golf Guide, includes information about rules, competition formats, strategy ...
Match Play - Definition for Golf - About.com
Definition: "Match play" is a competition format in which the round is played with the goal of winning individual holes. For example, on No. 1, you score 4 and ...
Rules of Golf - Rule 2: Match Play
A match consists of one side playing against another over a stipulated round unless otherwise decreed by the Committee. In match play the game is played by  ...
Golf Rules: Match Play vs Stroke Play - About.com
Match play is a very different game of golf from stroke play. How do the rules differ? Find out in this primer.
Rules of Golf - Rule 10: Order of Play
Match Play • a. When Starting Play of Hole The side that has the honor at the first teeing ground is determined by the order of the draw. In the absence of a draw, ...
Match Play Scoring: How the Scorekeeping Works (Golf) - About.com
How do you keep score in match play? What do the different scores mean? Find out with this primer on match play scoring.
Match Play Golf Tournament Formats - About.com
What are the most common match play formats in golf, and how are they played? Here's a tip sheet for beginners.
Play Through - Definition of Playing Through in Golf - About.com
What do the terms 'play through' or 'playing through' mean in golf? And when should groups do it? Read the definition in the About Golf Glossary.
Golf Scorecard: Match Play - About.com
When playing match play against another golfer, you'll mark your scorecard to show how the match stands in relative terms. Think of it this way: the match starts  ...
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