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How to Determine Paternity for Child Support - Single Parents
Before child custody obligations can be determined courts must determine paternity. Learn how your state might handle questions about paternity.
Paternity - Help for Victims of Paternity Fraud - Single Parents
Fathers may become victims of paternity fraud in certain, unforeseen circumstances. Paternity fraud has an effect on biological fathers as well as the fathers that ...
Paternity and the DNA Testing Process - Single Parents - About.com
A court may order paternity testing prior to a proceeding that involves a child, however, either of the child's parents may also seek a DNA testing to establish ...
Paternity Tests -- Frequently Asked Questions About Paternity Tests
Everything you need to know about paternity testing. What kinds of tests are there ? Where I do get a paternity test? How much will a paternity test cost?
At-Home Paternity Test Kit Information - Fatherhood - About.com
Paternity tests that are taken at home and then sent to a lab by mail are becoming more cost effective and more popular.
How Do I Get a Paternity Test? - Fatherhood - About.com
If you need a paternity test to establish your biological relationship (or lack thereof) with a child, here are some guidelines about how to go about getting a ...
Fathers Rights and Paternity Issues - Fatherhood - About.com
Some fathers become involved in issues that challenge their paternity of children. Paternity testing, whether to prove or disprove paternity, is a significant issue ...
Paternity Tests -- What Kinds of Tests Are There? - Fatherhood
There are two basic types of paternity tests--the PCR test and the RFLP test. Learn more about these two basic types of paternity tests and which one to use in  ...
How a Paternity Test Can Ease an Adoptive Parent's Mind - Adoption
A paternity test can help ease an adoptive parent's mind by establishing paternity in domestic adoption cases or the absence of child-trafficking in international ...
RFLP Paternity Test - Fatherhood - About.com
Definition: An RFLP analysis is a commonly used DNA based paternity test. RFLP stands for Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism. This is a more ...
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