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Paternity - Help for Victims of Paternity Fraud - Single Parents
Fathers may become victims of paternity fraud in certain, unforeseen circumstances. Paternity fraud has an effect on biological fathers as well as the fathers that ...
Paternity - Voluntarily Establish Paternity - Single Parents - About.com
Birth fathers can volunteer to establish paternity either at the hospital when the child is born or later through a signed affidavit. Find out how to voluntarily and ...
Establishing Paternity: Why It Matters - Single Parents - About.com
Making the effort to establish paternity formally is about more than just a monthly child support check.Your child also gains legal benefits. Page 1 of 3.
Paternity and the DNA Testing Process - Single Parents - About.com
A court may order paternity testing prior to a proceeding that involves a child, however, either of the child's parents may also seek a DNA testing to establish ...
Paternity - Contested Paternity Cases - Single Parents - About.com
Contested paternity can be resolved through the Office of Child Support Enforcement. Find out what steps are necessary to establish paternity in contested ...
How to Determine Paternity for Child Support - Single Parents
Before child custody obligations can be determined courts must determine paternity. Learn how your state might handle questions about paternity.
Paternity Tests -- Frequently Asked Questions About Paternity Tests
Everything you need to know about paternity testing. What kinds of tests are there ? Where I do get a paternity test? How much will a paternity test cost?
Bioethics - Paternity Fraud: Fatherhood, Child Support, and DNA
Bioethics - Paternity Fraud: Is Fatherhood Just a Matter of Biology? When a DNA paternity test shows that a man isn't really the father of child he has been ...
How a Paternity Test Can Ease an Adoptive Parent's Mind
A paternity test can help ease an adoptive parent's mind by establishing paternity in domestic adoption cases or the absence of child-trafficking in international ...
Paternity - Understand How Paternity Affects Child Support
Paternity refers to the legal declaration of one particular individual as being the father of a child/children. Find out how paternity affects child support, and why it's  ...
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