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12 Sample Parenting Time and Child Custody Schedules
Choosing a parenting time and visitation schedule that works for you, your children, and your ex, is one of the most important decisions you'll make as a single ...
6 Examples of Joint Custody Parenting Time - Single Parents
More Child Custody Schedules: 12 Parenting Time and Visitation Schedules ... With this custody schedule, the children reside with Parent A for two days, Parent  ...
Typical Visitation Schedule for the Non-Custodial Parent
A typical visitation schedule allows the non-custodial parent 20+% of the total parenting time. Use these tips to create a system that's fair to everyone.
Equal Parenting - Shared Parenting - Divorce Support - About.com
Dr. Linda Gottlieb discusses the importance of a child's right to equal parenting time after divorce. Parental Alienation: When The “Best Interest of The Child” ...
Co-Parenting Schedule - Negotiate Parenting Time Effectively
Are you having trouble establishing a co-parenting schedule that works for both of you? Use the following resources to help you negotiate parenting time and ...
6 Shared Parenting Myths - Get the Facts - Single Parents - About.com
refers to a joint custody arrangement where both parents share approximately equal parenting time . However, it is an option that is still widely misunderstood, ...
Physical Custody vs. Joint Physical Custody - Divorce Support
If a parent is awarded physical custody the child resides with that parent and a ... fathers are requesting and being given the right to have equal parenting time ...
The Importance Of Equal Parenting After Divorce - Divorce Support
I am in favor of equal parenting rights with equal physical and legal custody. ... Divorce rates declined nearly four times faster in high joint custody states, ...
30 Things to Include in Your Parenting Plan
A basic residential schedule; A regular visitation schedule; A projected schedule for parenting time over the holidays; A projected schedule for parenting time on ...
Child Custody in Colorado - Know Your State's Laws - Single Parents
In Colorado, visitation rights are referred to as parenting time. Parents who are not given primary custodial rights are entitled to parenting time. In determining ...
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