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Parenting Plan Worksheets for Coparents - Single Parents - About.com
Some states require a parenting plan, while others don't. Even if the courts don't expect you to file a legally-binding parenting plan, consider working with your ...
30 Things to Include in Your Parenting Plan
Creating a parenting plan is vital to establishing a good working relationship with your ex. In fact, some states require parents to file a parenting plan with the ...
States That Require Parenting Plans - Single Parents - About.com
A parenting plan is a legal document detailing the responsibilities of each parent following a divorce or separation. Many states require parenting plans because ...
What Every Father Needs to Know About Parenting Plans
Having a good parenting plan is essential for divorced fathers that are sharing custody with their children's mother. Learn what need to be in a parenting plan ...
Parenting Plan - Fatherhood - About.com
A definition of a parenting plan in family law and custody issues.
Filing a Parenting Plan - Single Parents - About.com
In some states, parents must prepare and file a parenting plan, while other states do not require parents to create a formal parenting agreement. Let's explore ...
Holidays and Your Parenting Plan - Single Parents - About.com
Use this sample parenting plan worksheet to create a holiday schedule for your parenting plan.
6 Examples of Joint Custody Parenting Time - Single Parents
The custody schedule most co-parents with 50/50 custody choose is alternating weeks. But there are several other options, including 2-2-3 plans, 2-2-5-5 plans, ...
Parenting Plan - Make Your Parenting Plan Work Effectively
A well-written parenting plan should be one of the most effective co-parenting tools at your disposal. But making your written arrangement work optimally for your ...
Residential Schedule and Your Parenting Plan - Single Parents
Use this sample parenting plan worksheet to write the basic residential schedule into your parenting plan.
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