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English Listening Skills and Activities-Effective Listening Practice for ...
English listening skills including effective listening help for ESL EFL learners and teachers. Comprehension quizzes for beginner, intermediate and advanced ...
Customer Request Listening Quiz - About.com
Customer request listening quiz for English learners focusing on a returned gift and exchange with drop down answers to check.
Understanding Numbers Listening Quiz - About.com
English Listening Quizzes: Numbers # 2. Click on the Audio Symbol below. Listen and write the numbers down that you hear in the following sentences.
English Listening Exercises - Intermediate Level Listening Quiz - A ...
Intermediate to upper-intermediate level listening comprehension quiz concerning a new job opportunity.
Prices Listening Quiz - About.com
Beginner level listening comprehension about prices.
English Listening Exercises - Lower to Intermediate Level Listening ...
Intermediate level listening comprehension about John's holiday experiences.
How Much does it Cost - Listening Quiz - About.com
Lower-intermediate to intermediate level English listening comprehension focusing on the price of various items.
Jack London Excerpt Listening Exercise - About.com
English Listening Quizzes: Excerpt from Jack London's "Nothing That Ever Came To Anything". Click on the Audio Symbol below. Listen and answer the ...
Listening to Numbers Quiz - About.com
Quiz testing listening comprehension skills when listening to numbers.
English Listening Exercises - Lower-intermediate to ... - About.com
Lower-intermediate to intermediate level listening comprehension based on an edition of the Oxton local news.
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