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Journals for Single Parents - About.com
Use these parenting journals to record daily events, milestones, and challenges.
Journals in the Classroom - Flexible Instructional Tools
Journal writing is an incredibly flexible instructional tool, useful across the entire curriculum. While often used as a class startup activity, it is used primarily to give  ...
Math Journals - Mathematics - About.com
Implementing math journals, writing about math and mathematics journaling.
Where to Find Full-Text Sociology Journals Online
An overview of sociology journals that offer access to a selection of full-text articles online.
Journal - Definition, Examples and Quotes
A journal is a written record of incidents, experiences, and ideas.
10 Techniques to Help You in Keeping a Journal
but there is more than one way to keep a journal. These ten techniques can help supplement your personal history, many of which you're probably already doing ...
The Importance of Keeping a Journal
Keeping a journal is important, not only because it's a personal history of your life , but it can also help you! Learn more in this article all about keeping a journal.
Journal Writing in the Elementary Classroom - Elementary Education
Journal Writing is a fun and effective way to teach your students good writing habits. Journal Writing is also fairly easy to implement in you elementary classroom.
What Are Journal Entries and How Do You Make Them?
When a small business makes a financial transaction, they make a journal entry in their accounting journal in order to record the transaction. There are actually ...
Journal Writing Procedure - Elementary Education - About.com
Learn all about how to incorporate journal writing in your elementary school classroom. Here you will find specific types of journals and the procedure for writing ...
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