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Infants - Pediatrics - About.com
Advice and resources to help you care for your young infant, including feeding and sleep routines, starting solids, developmental milestones, safety issues and ...
Survival Tips for Air Travel With an Infant - About.com
Airports are not the most people-friendly places already. Add travel with an infant to the mix and you may wonder how you can get through the experience both ...
Survival Tips for Air Travel With an Infant - The Flight
Tips for air travel with an infant may not be 100% foolproof, but it is always important to have a plan ready when you are traveling with your baby.
Travel With an Infant, Baggage Allowed? - Air Travel - About.com
With most airlines, infants who travel and don't occupy a seat are still given a luggage allotment. Some of the possible items that may be allowed are covered.
Air Travel with an Infant - Overview - About.com
Flying with the youngest passengers does require extra time and planning. I've written the following series of articles to help make air travel with an infant a little  ...
Tips for Preventing Infant Acid Reflux - GERD - Heartburn/GERD
Jul 8, 2014 ... In infants with GERD, the risk of SIDS generally outweighs the potential benefits of prone sleeping. Prone positioning during sleep is only ...
What You Need to Know About GERD in Infants - Heartburn/GERD
Spitting up, or gastroesophageal reflux, is common in infants. This type of gastric reflux occurs during the first few months of age in more than half of all infants.
Typical Infant Airline Ticket Policies - Air Travel - About.com
Infants under the age of two may travel with an accompanying adult (at least 15 or 16 years old depending on the airline)- regardless of whether the infant is a ...
Bringing Car Seats on a Flight For Infants Under Two - Air Travel
It isn't a requirement yet, but more and more government civil aviation authorities are pushing for some form of mandatory use of approved car seats for infants ...
The Medieval Child, Part 3: Surviving Infancy - Medieval History
The third in a series of articles exploring the status and daily life of children in the Middle Ages, Part 3 examines life for the infant and a child's chances of ...
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