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Home Management Help for Single Parents - About.com
Help managing your home life, from keeping up with the chores to cooking quick and easy recipes your family will eat.
Real Estate Property Management Areas of Responsibility
Real estate property management is an area of specialization that involves four basic areas of responsibility. Marketing/Financial, Tenant and Occupancy, ...
How to Terminate a Property Management Contract
If your property manager is not living up to expectations, you must terminate the management contract. Learn the dos and don'ts of firing a property manager.
Property Management - Marketing and Financial Functions
Real estate property management includes the responsibility off from marketing and financial functions. A comprehensive budget, marketing plan, and efficient ...
Property Manager - Roles and Responsibilities
Many property owners hire property managers to manage their investment properties. Find out what a property manager is responsible for and how they can  ...
Should You Hire a Property Manager?
Hiring a property manager is a personal decision. It is not the right move for everyone. Here are nine things to consider to help you determine if you should hire a ...
How to Find the Best Property Manager- What to Look For
There are thousands of property managers out there, but they are not all created equal. Learn what you should look for so you can find the best manager for your ...
Home Management and Child Raising - Working Moms
After a full day at the office, mothers come home to another eight hours (or more) of work raising children and managing the home. Even working moms whose ...
How to Properly Maintain Real Estate Property - Real Estate Business
Facility or physical maintenance is an important function of real estate property management. Regular preventive maintenance, as well as repairs when things ...
Real Estate Property Management - Tenant & Occupancy ...
Tenant and occupancy management is an extremely important function in real estate property management. It involves rent collection, property maintenance and ...
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