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11 Holiday Gifts You Need to Clear With Your Ex First - Single Parents
Have you spoken with your ex about what you plan to buy your kids this holiday? If you plan on buying one of these gifts, you should!
Gifts From Your Kitchen Recipes - Busy Cooks - About.com
Looking for delicious and inexpensive gift ideas? Make gifts from your kitchen this holiday season, such as a basket of Snack Mixes or Gifts in a Jar.
4 Tips for Purchasing Holiday Gifts for Employees - Human Resources
In the midst of the busy holiday season, human resource executives, managers and employers often put off choosing employee gifts until the very last minute.
The Worst Holiday Gifts to Give - Coupons/Bargains - About.com
If you struggle when shopping for gifts, then you may want to read our tips on how to avoid giving the worst gifts ever.
Holiday Gift Ideas for Newly Committed Couples - Dating - About.com
Numerous holiday gift ideas for both men and women in the $30-75 range, or for newly committed couples.
Top Holiday Business Gifts for Small Business Customers
Especially around the holidays, small businesses like to show their appreciation to their customers and employees alike. Businesses can find gifts that are ...
Five Fundamentals of Business Holiday Gift-Giving to your Customers
Small businesses recognize the importance of giving business holiday gifts to their customers even in lean economic times. It shows appreciation for their ...
What's the Ultimate Quilting Gift? - About.com
Which tools, equipment, or furniture or retreat would make the final cut to stay on your ultimate list of gifts for quilters?
Holiday Gifts for Writers and Readers - Freelance Writing - About.com
Find the perfect gifts for writers and readers here! We've collected 15 great holiday ideas with photos and links, making your shopping that much easier. Happy ...
Dairy Free Vegan Holiday Gift Guide - Dairy Free Cooking - About.com
Food is a way that we share love with one another, and what better time to show someone you love them than at the holidays? If you're looking for gifts for a ...
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