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4 Tips for Purchasing Holiday Gifts for Employees - Human Resources
Looking to express your appreciation to employees during the holiday season and throughout the year? Here are four tips for getting the right gift.
Holiday Gifts for the Home Bartender - About.com Cocktails
Here are some great gift ideas that will help you find the perfect one to fit your bartender's individual style.
10 Inexpensive Holiday Gift Ideas - Budgeting and Personal Finance
You need to buy gifts this holiday season, but you're anxious about the price tag. Don't worry -- you can find plenty of personal, meaningful gifts at a low price.
What's the Ultimate Quilting Gift? - About.com
Which tools, equipment, or furniture or retreat would make the final cut to stay on your ultimate list of gifts for quilters?
Holiday Gifts That Support Charitable Causes - Nonprofit - About.com
So why not ditch the guilt and make a purchase that combines the good feelings of gift-giving and charitable giving? Any holiday will do, as well as all of our ...
5 Ways To Embrace Holiday Gift Giving Without Busting Your Budget
Holiday gift giving can wreak havoc on your budget… but not this year. Share the five ideas below with family and friends and you can all agree to start a new ...
Nine Adoption Gifts for the Holidays - About.com
Here are some adoption gift ideas for those in your life who are a part of the adoption or foster care triad - from adoptive parents and birth parents to adoptees ; ...
Top Holiday Business Gifts for Small Business Customers
Especially around the holidays, small businesses like to show their appreciation to their customers and employees alike. Businesses can find gifts that are ...
Holiday Tips: How Much to Give Your Hairstylist - Beauty - About.com
But in the South, a personal or homemade gift is sometimes preferred. Giving a holiday tip shows your appreciation to people who provide a service to you on a ...
Five Fundamentals of Business Holiday Gift-Giving to your Customers
Even though small businesses may be struggling, buying holiday gifts for your customers is just as important as ever. Customers are looking around for the least  ...
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