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The Drawbacks to Buying Foreclosures - Home Buying and Selling
properties in foreclosure. They hope to show up at the auction and win the lowest bid. However, many of these homes are not available for inspection prior to ...
What Is a Foreclosure and How Does It Work?
In-depth explanation of how foreclosure work and how to protect yourself if you're thinking about buying a foreclosure.
Foreclosure Basics (The Three Types) - Home Buying and Selling
Three basic types of foreclosures. Explanation of pre-foreclosure, foreclosure and post-foreclosures. How to determine the type of foreclosure before writing a ...
How to Find Foreclosures and Government-Seized Homes
Find search engines that help you locate foreclosures after the Notice of Default is filed and homes seized by government entities.
Selling Short Sales and Buying Foreclosures
Buyers and investors often try to negotiate with the bank on short sales before the home foreclosure is complete, especially if the home is worth less than its ...
Home Foreclosure - Stop or Avoid Best Options
Ways to stop foreclosure. Little known alternatives to foreclosure, working out forbearances, note modifications, reinstatements; expert tips for saving your home ...
Buying Distressed Homes: Foreclosures, Short Sales or REOs
Foreclosures, short sales and REOs: differences. Buying distressed properties under market value. Which is more profitable for a buyer -- short sales, ...
How to Buy a Cheap Foreclosed Home - Home Buying and Selling
Ways to buy a cheap foreclosure at a bargain price. How a bank determines the price of a foreclosure, and why not every foreclosure is a cheap buy.
Distressed Short Sales and Foreclosures - Home Buying and Selling
Tips for sellers facing foreclosure, including short sales. Basics for home buyers or investors buying short sales and homes in foreclosure.
Home Foreclosure Definition - What Is Foreclosure
Definition: Foreclosure is a legal proceeding in which the bank can take possession of and sell a mortgaged property when the borrower does not meet his or ...
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