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Deadbeat Parents and Unpaid Child Support - Single Parents
What are the consequences for deadbeat parents who don't pay child support? And, realistically, what can do you about unpaid child support payments?
6 Myths About Deadbeat Parents (Child Support) - Single Parents
"Deadbeat parent" is a label that's often misapplied. Find out what the term really means, where it comes from, and sort the myths from the truth.
Punishment for Deadbeat Parents - Single Parents - About.com
Deadbeat is a word you hear tossed around quite a bit, but what does it really mean? Find out with this list of frequently asked questions about deadbeat parents ...
Deadbeat - Definition of a Deadbeat Parent
A deadbeat parent is one who fails to pay child support. Find out more about deadbeat parents and why deadbeat parent isn't synonymous with deadbeat dad .
Deadbeat Parents - Definition of the Deadbeat Parents Punishment ...
The Deadbeat Parents Punishment Act of 1998 was established to deter parents from moving out of state for the purpose of evading child support. Find out what ...
Most Wanted Deadbeat Parents - State by State List - Single Parents
Many counties now list their most wanted deadbeat parents online—including how much each individual owes. Learn more and find out if your state makes this  ...
South Carolina Deadbeat Parents - Most Wanted - Single Parents
Deadbeat parents in South Carolina are listed on some county sheriff's web sites. Find out where you can access a list of the most wanted deadbeats in South ...
Most Wanted Deadbeat Parents in Wisconsin - Single Parents
Deadbeat parents in Wisconsin are listed on some county sheriff's web sites. Find out where you can access a list of the most wanted deadbeats in Wisconsin.
Deadbeat Parents - What is the Deadbeat Parents Punishment Act
The Deadbeat Parents Punishment Act (DPPA) is a federal child support law that was established in 1998 to punish parents who willfully fail to make child ...
21 Reasons Why Deadbeat Parents Bail on Their ... - Single Parents
Deadbeat parents are famous for not paying child support. But why do they let it happen? Here are 21 reasons why deadbeats bail— and what to do about it.
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