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Personal Tax Deductions - Taxes - About.com
Deductions reduce a person's taxable income. There are a variety of personal expenses for which a tax deduction could be taken. Topics include the standard ...
Federal Income Tax Deductions - Learn more about how ... - Taxes
Deductions reduce your taxable income, and can be useful for reducing US federal income tax. Some deductions are related to business income, while other  ...
Itemized Deductions for Form 1040 Schedule A - Taxes - About.com
Itemized deductions refers to a group of tax deductions found on Form 1040 Schedule A. People can claim either the standard deduction or choose to itemize  ...
State and Local Income Tax Deduction - Taxes - About.com
Individuals who take the itemized deduction can deduct the cost of state and local income taxes on their federal tax return. There are obvious advantages that ...
Community Property Deductions for Spouses Filing Separately - Taxes
Married couples who file separate federal tax returns need to identify community income and community deductions so they will know how much each spouse ...
Home Office Deduction - Taxes - About.com
Individuals who work from home may be eligible to take a tax deduction for a portion of their housing expenses. A home office is a part of the home that is used  ...
Tax Deductions for Personal Property - Taxes - About.com
Jul 31, 2013 ... Individuals can deduct the personal property taxes as an itemized deduction on Schedule A. Personal property taxes are taxes that are ...
Reducing Taxable Income With Standard Deduction
Everyone is entitled to reduce their taxable income by utilizing either the standard deduction or by itemizing their deductions. You always want to choose the ...
Property Tax Deduction - Taxes - About.com
Jul 30, 2013 ... Individuals can deduct the cost of property taxes assessed on the properties they own. The amount that's deducted is the amount paid by the ...
Preparing Your 1040 - Standard or Itemized Deductions? - Taxes
Everyone is entitled to reduce their taxable income by tax deductions. You can generally choose between your standard deduction or your itemized deductions,  ...
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