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Parenting Plan Worksheets for Coparents - Single Parents - About.com
Using a parenting plan will ease tensions with your ex. ... After all, coparenting is much like being business partners, and you'd never run a business with ...
6 Examples of Joint Custody Parenting Time - Single Parents
The custody schedule most co-parents with 50/50 custody choose is alternating weeks. But there are several other options, including 2-2-3 plans, 2-2-5-5 plans, ...
Holidays and Your Parenting Plan - Single Parents - About.com
Use this sample parenting plan worksheet to create a holiday schedule for your ... own, encouraging your children to spend this key time with your co-parent is ...
States That Require Parenting Plans - Single Parents - About.com
Find out which states require parenting plans and how to file a plan in your ... It's always a good idea for co-parents to put a plan in writing whether it's required or  ...
Co-Parenting Schedule - Negotiate Parenting Time Effectively
There is a lot to think about when you're getting ready to write your formal coparenting plan. Use this set of sample parenting plan worksheets to write out your ...
30 Things to Include in Your Parenting Plan
Not sure what to put in your parenting plan? Follow these must-have ... Shared custody schedule for co-parents displayed on a sample calendar. - Jennifer.
What is a Parenting Plan? - Divorce Support - About.com
It is also an opportunity for parents to work together and come up with a “plan” for successful co-parenting. I'm of the belief that before there is a separation, while ...
Signs of a Healthy Coparenting Relationship - Single Parents
Learn how to evaluate your coparenting arrangement and identify signs of a ... to your children (unless it's written into your custody agreement or parenting plan).
Successful Coparenting Strategies for Single Parents
A parenting plan is vital to establishing a good working relationship with your ex. It outlines all of the miscellaneous details that come in to play for parents who ...
Filing a Parenting Plan - Single Parents - About.com
A parenting plan is required in some states, and even if you're not obligated to, ... Shared custody schedule for co-parents displayed on a sample calendar.
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