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Child Support - Access California Child Support Guidelines
A court in California uses several criteria to make an appropriate determination for child support during a child support hearing. In California, parents are ...
California Child Support - Single Parents - About.com
Are you considering filing for child support or requesting a modification in California? The following "Frequently Asked Questions" will help you learn more about ...
California Child Support Calculator - Single Parents - About.com
The state of California uses specific guidelines to determine child support. Parents who want to estimate either how much child support they owe, or how much ...
What You Need to Know About Child Support - Fatherhood
Although in some situations, mothers pay child support to custodial fathers, in the vast majority of cases, mothers are the custodial parents and non-custodial ...
Fathers Rights: Child Support - Fatherhood - About.com
Fathers often struggle with issues of child support, including what to pay, when to pay, how to change support amounts and what to do if they get behind in their ...
Child Support - How Is Child Support Calculated? - Divorce Support
Child support is the most litigious aspect of a divorce case. Most issues that come up during the divorce process are resolved once and for all by the final decree ...
Child Support Enforcement in Case of Failure to Pay - Divorce Support
Child support enforcement is governed by both federal and state laws. These laws and offices can be invaluable in helping a parent collect unpaid child support.
Garnishing Bank Accounts for Child Support: Extortion?
I'm not someone who wastes a lot of time worrying about a parent who doesn't pay child support. My concern is with the child who, more than likely did without ...
Is Child Support Tax Deductible? - Taxes - About.com
Child support is not tax-deductible. The parent who pays child support cannot take a deduction for child support payments. Likewise, the person who receives ...
How long does child support last? - Fatherhood - About.com
What fathers need to know about the duration of child support orders.
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