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Child Custody Laws - Statutes For All 50 States - Single Parents
Each state has different child custody laws. Some states presume that parents have joint custody, while other states do not. In addition, some states presume that ...
Child Custody Laws in California - Single Parents - About.com
California family courts consider a number of factors before granting a parent either sole custody or joint custody. Parents who wish to file for child custody in ...
Child Custody Help for Single Parents - About.com
All of the resources on this page are designed to help you learn more about child custody and prepare for court. You can come back to this page any time by ...
California Child Custody and Support Guidelines - Divorce Support
Either parent may be awarded custody. There is neither a preference nor a presumption for or against joint legal custody, joint physical custody, or sole custody, ...
Different Types of Child Custody Explained - Divorce Support
There are many forms of child custody the court can grant a parent. Custody is determined by the laws of your state, any agreements between you and your ...
Child Custody - Child Custody Laws by State
Divorce Support Essential. Upset Man Holding Newspaper, Sitting on Bed - LWA/ Photographer's Choice/Getty Images · How to Recognize and Fix Stonewalling ...
Child Custody Information for Parents Seeking Custody of a Minor
The right child custody information can help you prepare for your case and ultimately win child custody. Here, you'll find parents' top 20 questions about child  ...
What You Need to Know About Child Support - Fatherhood
Although in some situations, mothers pay child support to custodial fathers, in the vast majority of cases, mothers are the custodial parents and non-custodial ...
Child Support - Access California Child Support Guidelines
A court in California uses several criteria to make an appropriate determination for child support during a child support hearing. In California, parents are ...
Child Custody: Making Shared Custody The Right Of Every Child
There is a lot of concern about what type of custody is right for parents after divorce. The children and their right to an equal relationship with each parent can  ...
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