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Father on the Birth Certificate - Should You Name Him - Single Parents
Question: I'm due to give birth in about eight weeks, and I'm not sure whether I should name the father on the birth certificate when the baby is born. Won't that ...
Father's Name on the Birth Certificate (Pros and Cons)
It may be difficult for single, unmarried mothers to decide whether to put the father's name on the child's birth certificate. There are several advantages, as well as ...
How to Obtain a Copy of Your Birth Certificate - US Government Info
A birth certificate or a certified copy of an original birth certificate is needed for many things. Here is how to get a copy of yours.
CA Vital Records: Birth, Death, & Marriage Certificates - Genealogy
Learn how and where to obtain birth, marriage, and death certificates and records in California, including the dates for which vital records are available, where ...
About Genealogy - Where to Find US Birth Certificates, Death ...
How and where to get birth certificates, death certificates and other vital records in each of the US states and territories, including free online vital records ...
How To Request a Certified Copy of a Birth Certificate
Birth certificates are an important and necessary document to have on hand. However, sometimes this vital piece of paper becomes lost, soiled, stolen or ...
Birth Certificates - Genealogy - About.com
Find out how to order a copy of a birth certificate, and what a birth certificate can tell you about your family members and ancestors.
Birth Records & Genealogy - Tips & Online Indexes for Researching ...
Birth records can provide the clues needed for pursuing the parents of your ancestor. Learn how to find and use birth records, plus access online birth indexes ...
How to Get a Passport Without a Birth Certificate - Student Travel
You need to prove your citizenship during the passport application process, normally with a U.S. birth certificate. Getting an American passport without a U.S.  ...
Ireland Vital Records - How to Obtain Information - Genealogy
Learn how and where to obtain birth, marriage, and death records from Ireland, including information on available records, and links to online Irish civil ...
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